It works!!

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So I drink a ton of tea and I noticed my teeth were getting yellow and stained. I actually had someone tell me my teeth were yellow and looked bad. It was a family member but still it made me self conscious. So I seen this charcoal teeth whitening powder and decided to try it. I was so surprised at how few ingredient were really in it. I thought there would be chemicals and all kinds of stuff that could make me sick since I have bad allergies. There wasn’t. It actually had coconut husks in it and didn’t taste bad either. Just after two minutes of brushing I was so sure it wasn’t going to work and do a thing. I was so wrong! Not only did it work but it left a pleasant taste and no stains. I thought for sure I would spit and my teeth would be white. after I rubbed my mouth and really hot a good look at my teeth I could not believe I really seen a difference in the color. It worked! I got my husband and children to give it a try and they said they thought it worked also. I would definitely recommend this to anyone if you drink lots of tea like me or not. It’s worth a minute of your time the results are shocking to me.


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Neuro Plus Prime Labs

What can I say about this supplement? I’m in shock! It was so awesome. I thought it was going to be full of some fake synthetic chemicals with fake recorded but nope. It was amazing. It has so many good things in it I couldn’t stop reading. One of the first products I learned it had DMAE was I had NO IDEA what that was our why I needed it for cognitive thinking. I’m really impressed in this supplement. I decided to continue reading. I learned it also had L Glutamine¬†

This stuff was amazing so far! I couldn’t believe everything it had packed in it! I can go on and on about how this product. Prime Labs did a good job ping all these things in a capsule and by the way the feel capsule thing it’s all packed in is vegetarian! YES! it was surprising. I would try this product. I am so pleased with it that I actually bought two bottles for my brother and grandmother.